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Chinese crested dog  
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Chinese Crested Dog
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Chinese Crested Dog
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Chinese Crested Dog
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Chinese Crested Dog
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Chinese Crested Dog


      Without a doubt, Chinese Crested Dog attracts the attention of all. The breed is represented by two species: naked dog looking like a small horse and a fleecy type of crested dog (powder-puff). The second type is not born hairless, but has the hairless genes. The naked dog is completely, or almost completely, hairless.

      The naked skin is a significant characteristic of Chinese Crested Dog. This skin is thin, soft and smooth. The Chinese Crested Dog has long, flowing hair on the head, which forms a type of crest. There is also hair on the tail and the tips of the paws. The color of the skin of the Chinese Crested Dog can range from pink to black, and include mahagony, blue, pale mauve, or copper; the dogs are either of a uniform color, or spotted. The Chinese Crested Dog can acquire a tan.

      The fans of this breed pay a lot of attention to skin care, have a wardrobe of appropriate dog clothing for Summer and Winter and value the Chinese Crested Dog for its devotion, affection and sweet nature. The Chinese Crested Dog is vigorous and skittish. The dog is easy to train. The dog weighs approx. 3 - 5 kilograms.


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Chinese crested dog Razzmatazz Araby       The breed is represented in WELLDAN kennel by Golden Medaillon von Shinbashi, Fantastic Kashmir Tiffany, X-treme Beauty von Shinbashi and Midnight Music Brillante de Barbie from some world-famous breeding lines in Great Britain, USA and Germany.

      Golden Medaillon von Shinbashi is daughter of the very popular in USA and Germany stud Razzmatazz Araby (USA Champion, Jubilee Champion 2004) and the legendary German female Nina von Shinbashi, encountered practically in every modern champion's pedigree. Imported from Germany from the world-known German kennel "Shinbashi".

Chinese crested dog Special Agent von Shinbashi       Fantastic Kashmir Tiffany is descended from extremely spectacular Special Agent von Shinbashi (Junior World Champion 2002, Junior Champion "Crufts 2002", European Vice-Champion 2004, Junior German Champion, Interchampion, Russian Champion, Ukrainian Champion, Club Champion) and Oliviana von Shinbashi (Russian, Ukrainian, Byelorussian Champion, Club Champion) with the best bloodlines of Germany and USA behind them. Grandma of Tiffany is the same legendary German female Nina von Shinbashi and grandpa is the world-famous Undercover Agent von Shinbashi (Junior European Champion 1999 (VDH), European Champion 1999, Junior German Club Champion, German Champion, VDH, Interchampion, Amsterdam Winner, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Lithuania, Russia Champion).

Chinese crested dog Undercover Agent von Shinbashi       Midnight Music Brillante de Barbie - daughter of Strong Stael Jansen (Russian, Moldova Champion), who is descendant of famous American Champions. On the mother's side daughter of well known in Russia and abroad Vellar Plus Allondra (International Champion, Russian, Byelorussian, Ukrainian Champion, Club Champion), granddaughter of Wenlo's Kukai Kumquat (USA, German, VDH, Austrian and Luxembourg Champion).

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